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Last modified: 07.06.2013

Today I will post a link to the 4th Pan American Mobilities Network Conference at Concordia University, Montreal in May 2013 where the conference organizers now have posted an interview with me where I had less than 3 minutes to explain how I got into mobilities research, what mobility is, and where the challenges lies ahead. The interview is audio only, and the photos are taken during my keynote speak the day before.

And yes, I guess there is a lesson in this, in terms of research communication … as soon as someone sticks a microphone in your face and tell you that there is 3 minutes max to deal with what you consider the most interesting research topic, fast reflections and quick points starts to fly through one’s head. I suppose the correct thing here is to prepare oneself for such events … I did not … on the other hand side, I can promise that the answers are rather spontaneous :-) … in fact the theme of mobilities research communication and dissemination into the public sphere deserve a blog post on its own … I will make that some fine day … until then, you may also explore the web site of the Concordia conference to hear other scholar’s answers to the key question;

What is mobility?

/ Ole B. Jensen