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This Blog post is the first in a series where I will be addressing mobilities issues under the label ‘The Meaning of Moving’

Last modified: 11.03.2013

This Blog post is the first in a series where I will be addressing mobilities issues under the label ‘The Meaning of Moving’. My intention is to blog on a regular basis but I cannot promise precisely how often that may be. As all new beginnings often have the best of intentions I realize that blogging might also run the risk of becoming routine and perhaps even a dread. Hoping not to get to that point I shall invite you into my workshop on the key interest of mine; Mobilities thinking. I think it’s fair to say (and one might hope that one’s boss reads this) I never really take a break from the fascinating job it is to be a mobilities scholar. Literally everywhere I go there are impressions to digest and reflections to be made. Regardless if I am doing my everyday life commute, or the more exotic journey I keep finding myself pondering on the ‘meaning of moving’. So hopefully this blog will inspire and invite others to reflect and explore this issue as well. I will try to keep the posts short (yet another challenge for myself) and on a variety of issues ranging from the small everyday life observations, over methodological challenges to theoretical and conceptual issues. I realize that after more than a decade of mobilities research I have reached some level of cross-disciplinary thinking that is a reflection of the C-MUS center. Besides wanting to inspire mobilities scholars and other interested the blog is therefore also my humble contribution to keeping C-MUS a lively, dynamic and inspiring place for researchers from all sorts of backgrounds. I post my first little blog here with the hope of contributing to this agenda.

… and a small comment on my Blog Photo … yes, it is yours truly cruising through a small town named ‘Orderville’ (of all names … I had a Foucaultdian shiver down my spine when I noted the name and later found that my co-driver had managed to shoot it as background for my travel image here) … somewhere on the West Coast of the US back in 2007. So I’ll admit it straight away; I am strangely attracted to the long haul cruises that the US Interstate provides the ideal scenery for. Yes, I know driving has many problems and ‘dark side’ dimensions to it, but it also shapes the way we are, how we feel, and how we relate to mobile others as well as to the built environment.

….. Happy Trails! 

/Ole B. Jensen