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Nordisk Vej Forum / Nordic Road Forum: Danish sub group meetings in Odense

Last modified: 02.07.2015

C-MUS has a membership in NVF (Nordisk Vej Forum/Nordic Road Forum) which is an industry association with members from both the public and private sectors, approximately 320 membership organisations inthe Nordic countries.

Latest we participated in one of the Danish sub group meetings in Odense the 17th of June 2015 under the theme “Accessibility in cities + transformation of urban space near the port”.

After some interesting presentations and discussions we visited the information centre for the transformation project of Thomas B. Thriges Gade, the development project of the harbour and the very newly opened ‘Byens Bro’ (The city’s bridge) – a pedestrian and cycling bridge connecting the harbour and the inner town across the rail road. Despite the rainy weather and the final constructions of and around the bridge, it was obvious to see how functionality and aesthetics worked along in this project.