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C-MUS Brown Bag seminars - Spring 2016

C-MUS Brown Bag seminars offer opportunities to spend your lunch hour in company with various researchers who will feed your brain with new ideas in Urban and Mobilities research.

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Brown Bag Seminars - Program Spring 2016


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February 18: Hjørring Kommune – Development Strategy 2015

Speaker: Assistant Professor Gunvor Riber Larsen, Department of Architecture & Media Technology (grla@create.aau.dk)
Abstract: Hjørring Municipal Council has adopted a new approach to the municipal policy for development: instead of stretching resources across the whole municipality, an explicit prioritisation of places to develop is made, while other places are respectfully left on their own. This approach is written into the politically adopted Development Strategy 2015, and represents a break with previous development strategies in Hjørring Municipality. In October Hjørring Kommune won Byplanprisen for this strategy. This talk will present the main ideas and visions in that strategy, and discuss the political context that made it possible for the strategy to be adopted by the municipal council.

Place and time: Rendsburggade 14, room 4.315, February 18, 12:00-13:00


March 11: Dark Design – mobilities and exclusion by design

Speaker: Professor Ole B. Jensen, Dept. of Architecture & Media Technology (obje@create.aau.dk) Abstract: Any design idea or intervention in the world is based on an underpinning logic or a set of normative principles and values. At times such will be very explicit, at other times they will be unspoken and tacit. In this paper the underpinning values leading to power exercise, social exclusion, and differentiated mobilities will be explored. The paper takes point of departure in the so-called ‘mobilities turn’ in general, and the strand of ‘critical mobilities thinking’ that investigates the mundane everyday life situations. The framework of ‘Staging Mobilites’ is at the base, but the paper extend the theoretical framing into thinking about design codes, codes of conducts, city plans, technologies, artefacts, objects, and new ways of including materialities into the mobilities analysis. Empirically the paper breaches from the author’s own research into sky trains, metros, drones, and street design over secondary research into the social exclusion taking place by the design of infrastructure spaces and application of technologies. The paper re-works how inequalities are ‘staged’ through overt and covert design ideas and interventions shaping and re-shaping the social geography of a world increasingly marked by the rights, abilities, and opportunities to move freely – or not!

Place and time: Rendsburggade 14, room 4.315, March 11, 12:00-13:00


April 5: Inclusion of social interaction as a benefit in transport appraisal

Speaker: Assistant Professor, Morten Skou Nicolaisen, Department of Planning, (mortenn@plan.aau.dk)
Abstract: Conventional appraisal in the transport sector is centred on the minimisation of travel speed to facilitate flows in an effort to maximise economic efficiency. Increasingly, environmental aspects are being included as deliberate policy objectives and included in project appraisal. However, social impacts and in particular the socialisation aspects of human interaction is entirely absent in transport planning despite its strong status in related fields. The purpose of this presentation is to outline the challenges and possibilities of establishing a relevant body of knowledge and a set of tools on the social interaction of different mobilities that enable the inclusion of such aspects in appraisal of new plans and projects.

Place and time: Rendsburggade14, room 4.315, April 5, 12:00-13:00


May 12: User Acceptance and Perceived Driving Pleasure in Autonomous Vehicles

Speaker: Associate Professor, Thomas Bjørner, Department of Architecture & Media Technology (tbj@create.aau.dk)
Abstract: The aim of this presentation is from a sociological user perspective to explore user acceptance and the perceived driving pleasure in semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles. The knowledge about autonomous driving in a real-life context is very limited due to the fact that it is still in its early stages - but with lots of various predictions. The presentation will focus on theoretical issues within autonomous driving, as well as existing findings. This also includes my own pilot study, based on in-depth interviews while having participants watching video examples within four different autonomous driving scenarios. In general there are positive attitudes regarding semi-autonomous driving systems, especially the use of a parking assistant and acc with stop-and-go while driving in city traffic congestion. However, there were also some concerns about trust, user interactions and legislation, as well as the use of technology when driving on highways. And what about the driving pleasure – is that still an issue within autonomous driving?

Place and time: Rendsburggade 14, room 4.531, May 12, 12:00-13:00


June 1: Smart Cities and Responsive Urban Environments

Speaker: Assistant Professor, Simon Wind, Architecture & Media Technology (swin@create.aau.dk)

Abstract: As an ambiguous umbrella term Smart City deals with finding solutions for the grand challenges, such as sustainability, climate change, resource scarcity, energy security, inequality, civic involvement and participation etc. in an increasingly urbanised world. Politicians, government officials, policy makers, technologists and international corporations as well as citizens, NGOs and entrepreneurs, have primarily advanced the notion of Smart City. However, to a less degree Smart City has been on the agenda for professionals involved in the city making such as urban designers, architects, artists and planners. This Brownbag presents work on what is termed responsive urban environments that combines new (smart city) technologies, temporality and urban design in searching of new ways and venues of urban place making, identity formation and participation.

Place and time: Rendsburggade 14, room 4.531, June 7, 12:00-13:00


The seminars are open to everyone with interest in Mobilities and Urban studies. Pre-registration is not needed. Please bring you own lunch.

Looking forward to see you at the C-MUS Brown Bag Seminars!

Kind Regards
Professor Ole B. Jensen
C-MUS Brown Bag Seminar Coordinator