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C-MUS: Brown Bag 2015 Spring Program

Last modified: 26.01.2015

Brown Bag Seminars

C-MUS Brown Bag seminars offer opportunities to spend your lunch hour in company with various researchers who will feed your brain with new ideas in Urban and Mobilities research, while you enjoy a sandwich provided by C-MUS (http://www.c-mus.aau.dk/).

Please note that the speaker is responsible for booking the venue and in those cases where venue information is missing (‘room tba’) this info will be issued at the C-MUS e-mail list by the speakers themselves in due course and well before the event!

The seminars are open to everyone with interest in Mobilities and Urban studies. If you want to participate and be sure to get a sandwich, please sign up with Birgith Skipper Holstein (bsth@create.aau.dk), at the latest a week before the specific seminar.


Looking forward to see you at the C-MUS Brown Bag Seminars!

Kind Regards

Professor Ole B. Jensen

C-MUS Brown Bag Seminar Coordinator


Program Spring 2015


February 18: Exploring Mental Mobilities in Hjørring Kommune – a brainstorm

Speaker: Gunvor Larsen, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, grla@create.aau.dk

Abstract: Over the next year Hjørring Kommune will be exploring their mobilities potentials, and how mobilities can become a driver in the municipality’s efforts to embrace the challenges they face in terms of changing demographics and a movement of people from the countryside to the towns and cities. Part of the mapping of mobilities potentials is an investigation of the ‘mental mobility’ of the citizens of Hjørring Kommune: how does their thinking about and experience of mobility influence the mobility potential of Hjørring Kommune. This talk will be a discussion on how such an investigation can be approached theoretically and methodologically

Place and time: Rendsburggade 14, room 5.346, 12:00-13:00



March 12: Mapping the Genealogies of Mobilities Research

Speakers: Research Assistant, Simon Wind, swin@create.aau.dk and Professor Ole B. Jensen, obje@create.aau.dk, both Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology

Abstract: In this brown bag we wish to invite to a genuine blackboard mapping exercise! With point of departure in the mobilities turn we seek to explore and elucidate, by drawing on the blackboard, the entangled network of academic scholars and theoretical currents running both backwards to classics and academic lighthouses of old as well as sideways to contemporary scholars, theoretical positions and schools within the social sciences. The aim of the brown bag is therefore to produce a collective mapping of the theoretical landscape of mobilities research and the scholars that inhabit it (and other related positions such as nonrepresentational theories, practice theory, STS and ANT).

Place and time: Rendsburggade 14, room 4.531, 12:00-14:00 (please note extended duration!)



April 23: Time use in semi-autonomous vehicles – trust and the complex shifts in activities

Speaker: Associate Professor Thomas Bjørner, Dept. of Architecture and Media Technology, tbj@create.aau.dk


The act of car driving is not just about getting from point A to point B, as it also contains very complex conceptualized issues full of meaning. This is not new knowledge, but both travel time and the conceptualization might change and be understood in new ways with the emergence of autonomous vehicles. The idea behind this project is to explore “how travel time is used and how drivers conceptualize time in autonomous vehicles.” There are already studies focusing on technology acceptance toward autonomous vehicles and some of the perceived disadvantages and user perspectives regarding the “loss of control” in autonomous vehicles. But there are still some unknown factors regarding time use when the driver can take his or her hands off the steering wheel. How will the driver spend his or her time? To which degree will the driver still survey the drive? What kinds of shifts in activities will the driver take?

Place and time: Room TBA, 12:00-13:00



May 19: Copenhagen Airport as an International Hub

Speaker: Business PhD Student Jens Bloch, Dept. of Architecture and Media Technology

Abstract: This presentation will report on a new Business PhD project concerning Copenhagen Airport as an international hub. The project is started by February 1 2015 so the presentation will cover the initial thoughts and ideas for research design and be welcoming proposals and comments for the research design.

Place and time: Room TBA, 12:00-13:00



June 16: Master’s Thesis Liveable Auckland – Transforming Urban Spaces

Speaker: Students of Urban Design; June Gina Heiselberg, Michael Vestergaard Thomsen & Rikke Guldhammer Mogensen, AD:MT, AAU, mvth10@student.aau.dk , michael@liveableauckland.dk

Abstract: Auckland City, New Zealand, have an ambitious goal for the city: “Auckland as the world’s most liveable city in 2040″. The talk will departure from the start of our journey, a journey investigating the application of Liveability in Urban Design. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and user involvement the extended digital toolbox, a new methodology of measuring and designing better cities has in spring 2015 been carried out for Auckland City Council. The talk will invite for discussion of Liveability and the role of the urban designer.

Place and time: Room TBA, 12:00-13:00