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At the annual Danish Traffic Conference at Aalborg University, August 27-28, C-MUS members participated by presenting three papers.

Ole B. Jensen and Simon Wind presented the paper “Paving the road from transport models to new mobilities models”. The paper is co-authored by Assistant Professor Sigal Kaplan and Associate Professor Carlo Prato from DTU Transport and is an outcome of the ACTUM research project. The paper explores a tentative and conceptual approach for integrating non-instrumental factors into transport modelling.

Ditte Bendix Lanng presented the paper “Towards mobility design: en route in the functionalist city”. The paper is co-authored by Ole B. Jensen and Henrik Harder, and concerns urban space design and mobilities. It explores a design agenda for the ordinary transit sites of the city, which is not limited to functional concerns but includes sensuous and social qualities of mobile life on the ground.

Mette Olesen presented the paper: "The concepts of Light Railway systems: generator for urban development, efficient transport system or much more?" The paper concerns the rationality and local conpepts behind light railway systems in middel sized european cities. The paper and presentation argued that Light railways cannot be percived as a uniform technology that only provides transport from A – B, it has various strategic roles in different urban environment and this is important to consider when transfering knowlegde of effects of these systems between contexts.