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Last week, Ida Sofie Gøtzsche Lange and Maria Quvang Harck Vestergaard participated in this years “Åben land konference” (rural areas conference) in Viborg. It was a two day conference with attendees from municipalities, consultancy companies and academics. Interesting presentations were given by e.g. Nico Beun from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, who talked about the transformation of the agricultural landscape and old farm buildings into new kinds of rural housing, new kinds of landscape management and more accessible nature for the public. And Anders Bloksgaard, director of Limfjordsmuseet, gave an interesting talk about the Limfjord (a fjord crossing through the northern part of Denmark), how it now often are being perceived as a barrier for movement, but once was a possibility of movement, and how the Limfjord have affected the coastal cities and villages. One of the highlights of the conference was a visit to a “Local park” in Skive, which the municipality and interest groups are trying to develop by using some of the same principles as is used in the development of Danish national parks. One of their projects was the establishment of a pathway crossing through a wetland in the area, where the ground was so soft that movement hardly was possible. Local landowners and interest groups made a partnership with the municipality and today the pathway have been constructed. To see this pathway we were all loaded on a wetland waggon, which was pull around in the area by a tractor (see the picture) – What a sight!