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In March 2011 Maria Quvang Harck Vestergaard started her Ph.D. project about the rural outskirts of Denmark, and below you can find a short description of the project:

Lately the discussion of development problems in the rural outskirts of Denmark” has intensified and in the beginning of 2010 this discussion had a word connected to it: “Udkantsdanmark”. The problem is that residents are moving away and that institutions are closing which leave the areas with longer distances, lack of development etc.

This project investigates mobilities in these areas. Through a literature review it became obvious that though there are several studies on mobilities and several studies on rural areas there is a lack of studies that bridge the two areas, which is was this study seeks to do. This study investigates the challenges and potentials for mobilities in rural outskirt areas with focus on both the local and global scale as well as the different mobility modes.

The project is divided into three main parts: A more general investigation of the problem on both a national and regional scale, a discussion of the theoretical framework and a more thoroughly investigation of a chosen case in Northern Jutland – Nationalpark Thy. The first two phases will mainly be built on a literature studies whereas the last phase will be focused on an ethnographic approach with the use of several qualitative and quantitative methods.