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The Young Research Network in C-MUS would like to wish all our readers and associates a merry Christmas and a happy new year. A special greeting goes to those who visited us during the year.

So many events have taken place in the C-MUS Younger Research Network in 2013, some formal C-MUS events and some more spontaneous and internal events. Furthermore we have had some prominent guests.

A common feature throughout the year has been monthly reading groups with several different participants where books on mobilities, urban assemblages, theory of science etc. have been on the agenda.

In June Monika Büscher, Senior Lecturer at the Center for Mobilities Research (CeMore), Lancaster University, visited the center where she took some time to discuss each of our PhD projects. It was a very informal discussion around the table, and Monika provided some very useful feedback to each of us.

In August Professor Phillip Vannini, Royal Roads University, British Columbia had a four day stay as visiting professor at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology. Here he both found the time to give an interesting presentation on “Off the grid living” to all C-MUS members and others and a full day seminar especially for PhD-students on Non-representational Mobile Ethnography. Vannini’s book “Ferry Tales” has also been on the reading list.

Throughout the year a series of theory of science workshops have taken places. Some of these have been with invite guests to give inspiration and some have been more informal within the network where we have discussed and given feedback on specific work. This series was concluded with a visit from Professor Antje Gimmler, with question time on the theme “Pragmatism and Actor Network Theory”.

Of other event we can mention a “storyboard your PhD-event” where we discussed how to find a red thread in our project with point of departure in Salmiah Abdul Hamid’s project. The main picture of the blog is from this event. And in the end of August several YRN-members arranged a study trip to Nationalpark Thy (Danmark’s first national park in the periphery of the national territory) for members of Nordjyske planlæggere (Planners of North Denmark Region) and Netværk for Yngre Planlæggere (Network for Younger Planners), where we among other things visited a local surfer who moved there with his family from Copenhagen, we had a guided tour in the area with the director of the national park and we visited “Thy Lejren” – a camp inspired by Woodstock where some people never left.

Other event have already been mentioned on the blog like e.g. the C-MUS workshop on Trafikdage and the participation of several C-MUS researchers on this year’s Pan-American mobilities and Cosmobilities Conference “Differential Mobilities” in Montreal.

We think back on nice memories in the year that past and look forward to the coming year. 2014 bring it on!

From all of us to all of you – merry Christmas.