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Summer is up and it is time to go and share your research with others! Mette Olesen participated in the annual AESOP conference (Association of European Schools of Planning), this time held in Ankara, Turkey. She also took part in the PhD workshop which was held prior to the conference in Izmir, Turkey - an experience she recommends to other PhD researchers. It was interesting to experience Ankara the highly car-dependent city, with no overall transport plan. On the picture you see a Metro station with destination at a traffic junction, and 3 kilometres to the intended destination – the university. An example of a non-integrated transport system.

At the conference Mette Olesen presented the first findings of her PhD research, a paper and presentation entitled ‘Understanding Global and Local concepts of Light Rail through Narratives’.

In short the paper argues that discussions around light rail are not only discussions of technology. Actors understand the role of light rail in the urban environment differently; this causes different local framings of light rail projects, for example:

  • The light rail as an urban project – regeneration of city centres, integration of urban functions.
  • The light rail as a efficient transport system – direct routes and separated tracks, with few primary stops.
  • The light rail as Branding project – competition to become the viable and liveable city.


Here you find the first draft of the Article and the Presentation.