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Brown Bag Seminars. Autumn 2014

Program Autumn 2014

September 25: Blue sky matter: toward an (in-flight) understanding of the sensuousness of mobilities design

Speaker: Professor Ole B. Jensen, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, obje@create.aau.dk (the presentation is based on a paper written with Professor Phillip Vannini and submitted to the special issue of Australian Geographer on Sensuous Mobilities)

Abstract: In this paper we present a theoretical framework for an understanding of the relationship between the material design of mobilities technologies and the multi-sensorial human body. Situating our work within the emerging field of ‘mobilities design’ within the broader so-called ‘mobilities turn’, we focus on two very different aircraft types and their design (the large passenger jet Boeing 737 and the small propeller aircraft DHC-2) in order to explore the sensuousness of in-flight experience and atmosphere. We focus on the interior design of the aircrafts, as well as on their technical capacities, and end with a conclusion that offers a flat ontological view of mobilities design. We argue that according the material design of mobilities technologies much be inscribed on equal terms with the sensing human subject if we are to claim that we have reached a better understanding of how mobility feels.

Place and time: September 25, 12:00-13:00,Rendsburggade 14, room 4.315 (second floor)

October 28: Mobilities Futures and the City (MFC). Towards a reflexive methodology for urban planning in the mobile risk society

Speaker: Professor Sven Kesselring (sven@plan.aau.dk), Department of Planning and Development, AAU

Abstract: MFC is a research project on how it is possible to integrate different disciplines and rationalities about the future of urban mobility and how to allocate appropriate expertise from social science, planning, engineering and the arts. The main goal of MFC is to explore the potentials of a post-disciplinary setting of expertise for the development of strong common visions, ideas and concepts for desirable urban mobilities futures. MFC generates answers on: How can urban cultures, arts and social science contribute to new sustainable mobility practices and mobility systems on the urban scale?

Place and time: October 28, 12:00-13:00, Room A1-9, AAU, Skibbrogade 5, B1-18, 1 Floor, 9000 Aalborg

November 13: Mobilities History – what is it, and what could it be?

Speaker: Associate Professor Claus Lassen (claus@create.aau.dk), Department of Architecture,
Design and Media Technology, AAU

Abstract: This presentation is an open invitation to discuss how a scoped and focused theme of historic research within mobilities may be framed. The presentation is connected to the establishment of a new sub-field within C-MUS and all are invited to join the discussion of how to create a C-MUS sub-group around the theme of ‘Mobilities History’. The presentation exemplifies and frames the discussion by referencing the speaker’s research into airport histories.

Place and time: November 13, 12:00-13:00

December 3: Northern Jutland as International Flight Destination

Speaker: Post Doc Gunvor Larsen, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology,

Abstract: More and more international guests travel to Aalborg and Northern Jutland through Aalborg Airport, but little is known about these travelers. This research explores who they are, why they choose to visit the region, and their reasons choosing to travel here by air. Travel data and information has been gathered in Aalborg Airport, through a tracking app installed on the travelers’ smartphones and through post-journey interviews. Based on this data, the research identifies the travelers’ routes through the region and their travel rationales, all of which is used to create a typology of arch-typical international travelers arriving to Aalborg and Northern Jutland through Aalborg Airport.

Place and time: December 3, 12:00-13:00, Rendsburggade 14, room 4.531 (4th floor, east side)

The seminars are open to everyone with interest in Mobilities and Urban studies.
Looking forward to see you at the C-MUS Brown Bag Seminars!