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Brown Bag Seminars. Autumn 2010 - Spring 2011

Program Autumn 2010/Spring 2011

Autumn 2010

November 3: Citta Slow – a model for urban development?

Speaker: Prof. Ole B. Jensen, Dept. of Architecture, Design and Media Technology (obje@create.aau.dk)

Abstract: This presentation will present a critical discussion of ‘Citta Slow’ as urban development concept and try to relate to the underlying beliefs and values. The presentation also contains a brief discussion of Svendborg as the first and only Citta Slow in Denmark.

Place and time: November 3, 12:00-13:00, Pejsestuen, Gammel Torv 6

December 9: Doing family and food decisions on the move

Speaker: Associate Professor Malene Gram, Dept. of Culture and Global Studies (gram@ihis.aau.dk)

Abstract: This will be a presentation of the interaction, rules and roles of parents and children in their joint decision making during the grocery shopping trip. The presentation will be a critical discussion of the way adults tend to be presented as rational and children as irrational in decision making literature, and draws on ethnographic fieldwork from Denmark and the US

Place and time: December 9, 12:00-13:00, Fibigerstræde 2, room 35

Spring 2011

February 15: Double Mobility

Speaker: Associate Professor Antje Gimmler, Dept. of Sociology, Social Work and Organization (gimmler@socsci.aau.dk)

Abstract: Travelling today is characterized by an almost seamless flow of two different types of mobility: mobility of information with ICTs and mobility of human beings, goods and other artifacts in form of transport and travels. Urban infrastructure, buildings, planes etc. could be integrated with human interaction/communication in a hitherto unknown way. The papers seeks to outline the interplay of these two forms of mobility as on the one hand realized in certain infrastructures and mobility systems and on the other hand viewed from the perspective of the social agent with the help of ethnographic fieldwork about travelers at airports, train stations and local busses.

Place and time: February 15, 12:00-13:00, Kroghstræde 5, room 43/45

March 18: How Many Mobile Cameras Does It Take to Capture a Family Bike Ride?

Speaker: Prof. Paul McIlvenny, Dept. of Culture and Global Studies (paul@hum.aau.dk)

Abstract: This talk reports on a preliminary investigation of two types of bike-rider-passenger 'mobile with' configurations typical in urban settings of bike-friendly Denmark. First, the rider who rides with a child in their front loaded transport/carrier tricycle. Second, the rider who rides with a child while they ride their own bike. Issues and problems of data collection, transcription and analysis of mobile social interaction and learning on family bike rides will be presented for discussion. 

Place and time: March 18, 12:00-13:00

April 7: Parkour – the art of movement and relating to the urban now

Speaker: Associate Professor Shelley Smith, Dept. of Architecture, Design and Media Technology (ssmi@create.aau.dk)

Abstract: Parkour is mostly known as a radical and dramatic form of physical expression. However parkour can also be seen as an expression of contemporary urban form and life and many of the phenomena that describe these. The presentation will introduce the lens of parkour, how urbanity can be seen through it and examine the potential for parkour as a tool for developing urban strategies and design.

Place and time: April 7, 12:00-13:00, Pejsestuen, Gammel Torv 6

May 18: Aeromobility and social consequences: The case of Mexico City International Airport

Speaker: Daniel Galland, Dept. of Development and Planning (dgalland@plan.aau.dk)

Short abstract: By exploring a series of social and environmental consequences associated with the highly controversial airport Mexico City International Airport, we show that increasing global air travel not only creates new opportunities for cosmopolitans to travel the world, but also results in a number of negative outcomes for the people living in the surroundings of the site.

Place and time: May 18, 12:00-13:00, Fibigerstræde 11, room 1

The seminars are open to everyone with interest in Mobilities and Urban studies.
Looking forward to see you at the brown bag seminars!