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Brown Bag Seminars 2009

C-MUS Brown bag seminars 2009


March: Goffman and Everyday Life Mobility

Speaker: Ole B. Jensen, Department of Architecture and Design, Aalborg University Place and time: 2nd March 12.00 – 13.00 (Kroghstræde 5, Room 43/45) Responsible: Antje Gimmler and Anette Jerup Jørgensen

April: PlaceME and Mobile Methods – Against Methodological Sedantism

Speaker: Paul B. McIlvenny, Department of Language & Culture, Aalborg University Place and time: 29thApril 12.00-13.00 (Gammel Torv 6, Room: Pejsestuen). Responsible: Ole B. Jensen



October: Actions of drivers – between legal norms and practice

Speaker: Anette Jerup, Department of Sociology, Social Work and Organisation, Aalborg University Place and time: 6st October from 12.00 – 13.00 (Fibigerstræde 13, Room will be announced) Responsible: Tim Richardson and Claus Lassen

December: Mobilities and Gender

Speaker: Helene Oldrup, Department of Sociology, Copenhagen University and Petter Næss, Department of Development and Planning, Aalborg University.
Place and time: 2nd December from 13.00-15.00 (Kroghstræde 3, Room will be announced) Responsible: Paul B. McIlvenny

The seminars are open to everyone with an interest in Mobilities and Urban studies. If you want to participate and be sure that there is a sandwich for you, please sign up with Allis Hansen, allis@plan.aau.dk, at latest a week before the specific seminar.