Mobility and Tracking Technologies

Mobility and Tracking Technologies (MoTT)

At the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology and in association with the Centre for Mobility and Urban Studies (C-MUS), Aalborg University the interdisciplinary Research Cluster for Mobility and Tracking Technologies (MoTT) works to explore the technical and social perspectives of new tracking and location based technologies. MoTT aims therefore to design, implement and test tracking technologies in the context of contemporary mobility.

The cluster works across fields such as urban geography, urban design, mobility studies, city planning, computer vision, social signal processing, and data visualization etc. It explores technologies such as GPS, RFID, Bluetooth, etc. The research cluster’s work covers five general themes:

I. Tracking and Location Based Technologies – exploring new hardware and software for understanding mobility

II. Mobile Methods – innovation, reflection and development of new tracking and location based methods

III. Representing location-based data – exploring theoretical and methodological implications of processing, visualizing and representing location based data

IV. Theorizing the meaning of Tracking and Location Based Technologies to Mobility in the Network Society

V. Ethics, Surveillance and New Tracking Technologies

The work span the exploration and application of new technologies, methodological innovations related to these, as well as the development of theories and explanatory models to enhance the understanding of these technologies and their societal importance and impact.

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